pieces, 2020
installation consisting of multiple works
Z33 museum, Hasselt

pieces (2020) unfolds sequentially in parts and the works that comprise the installation reveal themselves or fade away according to their own time. Transient and ephemeral materials—scattering light, suspended silk, and decomposing oranges – spread to fill and respond to the frame of the museum’s architecture. Projected light casts images onto the gallery’s floor and back wall while an eroding fresco has calcified on the ground. A sinuous piece of silk hangs from a window and unravels sequentially in blue hues. The fabric was made light sensitive and illuminated in successive phases, evoking an architectural plan or blueprint sketch. Suspended and provisionally weighted down by glass pieces, rocks, and duct tape placed on the fabric, the afterimage materializes time in shades of blue.
Isabelle Lynch, March 2020